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August 2006
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looking.at [userpic]


See a song/album you wanted to download but bummed that the link is dead?

Affiliation requests go here, we'll say yes as long as it's a media journal.

Current Music: Remioromen - Konayuki
Re: Probably the xxxth applicant

Approved!! lol I don't have a last fm. too XD you can start your first post whenever you want to. :)

Sorry for the late reply!! I've been so busy with school and stuff. Anyways, I see a lot of cpop and that's always good, I like the different music you're bringing, since I want diverse tastes within the comm, not sticking to just one genre. Approved. You're lucky to get the last slot!! :DDD Feel free to make your first post when you're ready to.

spreadthatsound would love to be affiliates with audiokidds. Would you like to affiliate with spreadthatsound?

Sorry for the late reply, I'd love to be. :D Adding you now.

hey love. Would you like to affiliate with supersexsounds? =D

that's funny because I was actually going to ask for affiliation with your comm. lol Added.

You asked to affiliate with asiamusicreview, now I'm asking would you like to affiliate with my other, more active community, koukotsu_jigoku? :D It's a community where I upload all kinds of music, mainly Japanese though.

oh ok for sure, will add you right now. :DD

Awesome. :D Added you too.


could midnitexsonata be affies?
if you can(not a must)..but could you link us with this button:


Re: affies?

Of course, adding you right now, I love the button too. :)

Re: affies?

Hang on, I want to make a new button to match the ones on your userinfo lol XD

Sorry, I just got around to making them, you can pick whichever you want to use. :)

Yeahm for sure, you can join and friend for rotation updates. :)

May I join please?

yeah for sure, it's open to joining :D

you are free to join. :D Though mainly my posts, and older ones contain some japanese indie

I'd like to affiliate with my mp3 community bon_bruit, if it's not too much trouble! :)

no problem, added. :)

Affiliate with weatherplan? ♥

sure, adding right now. :D

Can we be affiliates?
I know my banner's kind of big, sorry!

yup! adding once i have the time (which is tomorrow)
i just wanted to comment so you don't think i'm ignoring you. :D

Hey can I join?
I may be able upload sometimes.

May I join? :D

Btw, it's me.. cursedlullabye

Made a new account xD

yes! sorry for the late reply, all you need to do is click the join button. ^^

I wan't to join :D

Would you like to affiliate with with wintersymphony? ^_^

sorry for the late reply, but yes we'd love to :)

would like to be an affi with u guys ^_^

is this a media journal for music, or pvs etc? if so sure. :D